Community Spotlight – Evan Gearing – Fine Art Photographer

Community Spotlight – Art

Evan Gearing – Fine Art Photographer

Evan Gearing Fine Art Photography Austin Texas

When a photograph can cause you to stop !… and after catching your breath, that same photographic image keeps your attention because the photographer was able to capture something so unique that you become mesmerized by the grandeur of the subject, even simple items, like an old rusted-out truck. Such awe-inspiring photographs stay in your mind.

Evan Gearing has been an amateur photographer for many years, however, as his focus has changed, so have his photographs. Evan’s photos captures a moment in time, a special moment, and it is captured in such a manner as to make the viewer believe they are there in that same moment. One cannot see a photograph of Evan’s and not know it is his. His work stand above other area photographers and you can see that rare eye of a great photographer in each photo.

Evan Gearing Pennybacker Bridge Austin Texas Photo

If you’ve been around Austin, then you’ve probably seen some of his amazing photos, especially if you’ve browsed the Internet. I’ve seen many of them and was recently encouraged to contact Evan about using one of his photos. Now, I can honestly say that Evan is friendly, eager, and a delight to work with.

Thus, to end this Community Spotlight, I invite you to visit his website and buy his prints. They will be stunning additions to any decor

You can keep up with Evan via his Blog to see what he is up to, read about the photos he captures, and also get to know him on a more personal level.

Evan Gearing Fine Art Photography Austin Texas

You can also connect with Evan via Google+

Evan, I extend much gratitude for your kindness and I hope that 2013 welcomes you to exciting new places. I’ll be waiting to see what develops.


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