Austin Texas

2012 Accolades for Austin Texas

“Top 10” and “Best Cities” Lists Featuring Austin

There are many reasons to move to Austin and those of us who live here will gladly share our favorite aspects.  Every week, it seems, Austin shows up high on many of the “Best Cities” or “Top 10″ lists.  Austin’s diversity, ease of living, financial strength, and Going Green efforts have placed it on lists ranging from Food, Health, Travel, Vacation Destinations, Real Estate, and Retirement to Tech Industry, Small Business, Renewable Energy, and Education.  Austin is topping the lists so we must be doing something right.

Forbes, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Intelligent Community, Time, Kiplinger, Travel & Leisure and so many other organizations and research institutes are making a point of identifying Austin’s unique position on the global map.  Here’s the 2012 “Top 10″ and “Best Cities” Lists that feature Austin, Texas.

Whether it’s Austin’s latest accolades or simply being named as one of the Best Cities for (well, you name it and Austin is on the List), Austin is becoming the Best City in the United States to live and work.  With world-class auto racing, long lasting music and film festivals, and the friendly “Keep Austin Weird: vibe, it’s no wonder Austin is making it’s mark in Food, Travel, and Entertainment.

Austin Ranks #1:

No. 1 on List of Destinations on the Rise (Trip Advisor, November 2012)

1st City in the US with Charging Station Network Powered Completely by Renewable Energy (EDTA, February 2012)

#1 Most ‘Connected City’ (Jones Lang Lasalle, October 2012)

#1 Best Large City for Job Growth Next 2 Years (New Geography, August 2012)

#1 Best Big City for Jobs (Forbes, May 2012)

America’s Fastest Growing City (TM Daily Post, May 2012)

#1 US City for Small Business (OnNumbers, April 2012)

#1 Healthiest Small Business Climate in South  (OnNumbers, April 2012)

UT Austin #1 on Colleges & Universities List (Austin Business Journal, April 2012)

#1 in Job Creation since 2004 (Austin-American Statesman, March 2012)

#1 Intelligent Community of the Year (Intelligent Community, January 2012)

Austin America’s Clean-Tech Hub (Time, January 2012)

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Austin Ranks #2:

#2 Best Mid-Size Metro for College Students (PR Web, October 2012)

#2 Best City for Young Adults (Kiplinger, July 2012)

2nd City People Are Moving to the Most in 2012 (The Fiscal Times, July 2012)

#2 City To Buy A Home In Right Now (Forbes, April 2012)

2nd Fastest Growing Metro (KUT News, April 2012)

2nd Best Investment Market in US (, March 2012)

2nd Fastest Urban Population Growth (US Census Bureau, March 2012)

#2 Hotspot in the US for Technology Startups (, March 2012)

2nd Best US Vacation Destination (Trip Advisor Inc., January 2012)

Austin Ranks #3:

3rd Hottest City in the World for Music (The Atlantic, March 2012)

3rd City with Most Job Gain Since Recession (OnNumbers, January 2012)

#3 Best City for Business Investment (Grubb & Ellis, 2012)

The Other Top 10:

#4 Healthiest American City for Women (Women’s Health Magazine, February 2012)

4th Best City To Find A Date In 2012 (The Daily Beast, January 2012)

5th Best BBQ City in America (Travel – US News, February 2012)

5th Best Employment Outlook (Manpower Group, September 2012)

5th Best City for Tech Startups (, October 2012)

No. 5 Major US Technology Market (Jones Lang Lasalle, November 2012)

#6 Most Veggie-Friendly City (PR Newswire, July 2012)

#6 Best Financial Sector Job Growth (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 2012)

#6 Lowest Crime Rate in the Nation (CQ Press, 2012)

#6 Best Affordable U.S. Destination (Travel, 2012)

Austin Among Top 7 Cities with Most Tech Jobs (Upstart Business Journal, August 2012)

#7 Best City for Hipsters (Travel and Leisure, April 2012)

#8 Best City in America (Business Week, September 2012)

#8 Best City Where A Paycheck Stretches The Furthest (Forbes, July 2012)

9th Best City for Business (Forbes, June 2012)

Top 10 City for Tech Startups in US (USA Today, August 2012)

Top Ten City On Clean-Tech Index (Clean Edge Inc., October 2012)

10th Best City for College Grads (, June 2012)

Top 10 Best Places to Retire (CBS News, February 2012)

Top 10 ‘Fittest of the Fit’ Cities (Map My Fitness, January 2012)

#10 Best Nightlife Scene in the US (Travel, 2012)

The “Best Cities” Lists:

Top City for Food (, June 2012)

Austin Adds Largest Percentage of Jobs During Recession (OnNumbers, November 2012)

Top City for Health and Fitness (American Fitness Index, May 2012)

Top City for Federal Jobs (OnNumbers, May 2012)

Top U.S. Cities for New Home Construction (The Atlantic Cities, May 2012)

Top Global Fashion Capitals (Global Language Monitor, September 2012)

One of the Best US Cities to Find Work (Adecco Staffing US, May 2012)

Austin ISD One of the Top Performing Districts in the US (Community Impact, April 2012)

World’s Best Cities for Street Food (The Atlantic, January 2012)

Austin World’s Top Intelligent Communities (Culture Map Austin, January 2012)

Best Cities for Men in 2012 (Men’s Health, December 2011)

12th Highest Average in US for Professional Services Pay (On Numbers, August 2012)

12th Best Shopping City (Lucky Magazine, May 2012)

13th Largest City (US Census Bureau, July 2012)

13th Best Burgers City (Travel + Leisure, May 2012)

17th Greenest City (Corporate Knights, June 2012)

UT Austin No. 25 in World University Ranking (UT News, October 2012)

UT Austin Ranked Among Top 30 Universities in World (Center for World University Rankings, July 2012)

No. 31 Best US City for Global Trade (Global Trade magazine, August 2012)

Newest Housing Stock In the Nation (OnNumbers, June 2012)

Two Local Austin Outdoor Bars Named Among Best in America (Culture Map, June 2012)

38th Least Stressful City (Sperling’s Best Places, March 2012)

Top 50 for Manufacturing Jobs (PR Newswire, January 2012)

If you’re planning to Relocate to Austin, Texas, please check out  The Austin Experience – personal stories about Austin Life.  For those that live in Austin, which accolade matches to your favorite aspect of Austin living?


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