National Wine Day – “Cin Cin”

Today is National Drink Wine Day!

Wine and Basket - Shannon Schmitz sells Luxury Lifestyles through Real EstateAs if you needed another reason to drink wine, but today is dedicated is the official day for doing so.

If I am drinking, I am most likely sipping wine so I have been to plenty of fun little places around town. Here is a list of my favorite places to relax and drink wine. Today’s a great day to toast to Austin, celebrate friendships, or simply to savor some of our great Hill Country wines! “clink, clink” “Salud” “Skal” “Prost” “Sante” “L’Chaim” “Cin Cin” or however you choose to say it, “Cheers!”

Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar
Uncorked Tasting Room & Wine Bar
House Wine
Max’s Wine Dive
Trio at The Four Seasons
Henri’s Cheese & Wine
The Grove Wine Bar | Kitchen
Winflo Osteria
Snack Bar
Vino Vino
Cork & Co.
Fino Restaurant Patio & Bar 
Cru Wine Bar 
360 Uno Trattoria 
Paggi House 
Wink Restaurant 
Water 2 Wine 
Zax Restaurant & Wine Bar 
Malaga Tapas & Bar 
Barley Swine 


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