Opening Doors through Tailor-made Client Services,
Safeguarding The Austin Experience.

As a home seller you have options. Our approach is as simple as 1, 2, 3 and often in Black & White.

Doors & Gables is a boutique agency serving select clients in the greater Austin Metro area providing real estate, home staging and design services. We believe in old-fashioned business values of honest communication, earned respect, and hard work to ensure our client’s satisfaction; thus, we are simple, direct, and treat all our clients fairly.

A “Boutique Agency” is small, creative, innovative, and client focused. We provide custom services depending upon our client’s needs, not upon our desires. Whether it is buying/selling real estate; preparing a home for market, including Home Staging; designing a property’s landscaping, interior spaces, or even remodeling; or designing marketing materials, we are here to ensure that your needs are met through providing superior customer service and specialized marketing. Our hallmark is quality over quantity and our focus is on our clients and developing strong relationships. We will be there to hold your hand, answer all your questions, make you feel that your business means more than an address on an MLS listing.


Hire Us to Sell Your Home

Here at Doors & Gables selling a home is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Our record of success of preparing and selling homes quickly is assured to sell your home. We specialize in being a full service agency, providing not only the Listing of your property, but also the marketing and staging of the home to be sold.

Do you live in South Austin, Onion Creek or have a home in the Luxury Real Estate market and would like to ensure your home receives the exposure and commitment to being sold? We’re dedicated to assisting you in selling your home.

Most real estate agents are never allowed by their broker to offer a commission different from the norm; however, we’re a little different. We not only encourage our home sellers to negotiate, we also encourage them to understand what the various commission are and what level of service they will receive.

We work for our commissions, but we believe you, as the home seller, should be able to pay for the type of services you desire. Thus, choose your level of commission – 1, 2 or 3%. There might be times, depending upon the scope of the project, that you may desire to negotiate a different commission, so please Get in Touch and let’s talk.

NOTE: Each commission rate is the commission Doors & Gables will receive, the actual listing agreement may indicate an additional commission to any Buyer’s Agent.


Meet Sebastian St.Troy, Realtor

Known as bold, colorful, imaginative, and always as the Creative Mind, Sebastian has lived in Austin since 2001. His entrepreneurial spirit has launched several successful businesses in California, Louisiana, Arizona, and Texas. Over the last 14 years, he has been providing Home Staging services in Austin through his very unique Market-Ready Ontology, long before the term Home Staging became popular. His Targeted Buyer approach is used to determine the type of buyer that will be interested in the home, then he begins transforming the home to captivate that targeted buyer.

Educated at Louisiana State University (Landscape Architecture), the University of Texas Arlington (Architecture), and Wayland Baptist University (Theology), along with the invaluable informal education from his many travels and adventures, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients.

He is known for his enlightening work through Feng Shui, Numerology, Color Theory, Metaphysics, and Psychology – all of which he applies to every project he undertakes. His gift is his genius, his ability to ‘see’ things not as they are, but as they can be. He believes that honesty, even when others may not desire to hear such, is extremely important in maintaining healthy relationships, in both business and personal matters.

Landscaping, home renovation, graphic design, horticulture, hiking, reading, classic movies and riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle are his favorite pastimes. A comfortable and inviting home is always open to guests and is shared with his faithful companion, Freckles.  Read More…


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